Orchestrating Change in Early Education Through Christina’s Cottage’s Mindful Melodies

Songs to help Preschoolers (and their caregivers) Self Regulate as they Move Through Their Day

Note from Christina-

I have owned my own massage therapy practice for almost 20 years, and most of my clients are parents of young children who are stressed, disconnected from themselves and overwhelmed. They share with me the struggles they have finding balance in their lives due to pressures in their jobs, roles as parents, and not to mention the global turbulence we are all feeling these days.

I kept thinking to myself “ How are the young children of my stressed out, disconnected clients coping in THEIR daily lives?” It was very clear to me that there is a need for more nurturing programs to help support young kids, their families and teachers in staying emotionally regulated, compassionate toward themselves and others, and resilient in our overstimulating, ever changing world we are currently living in. Christina’s Cottages’ mission is to do just that! To strengthen young kids’ innate resilience, heart connection and joy, through world music, mindfulness-based creative play, and the power of the heart.

Along with the guidance and support of Child Development Professionals and Mental Health Counselors, I have teamed up with multi-platinum songwriter David Friedman, internationally known for writing songs that touch our hearts and speak to our souls, to create and develop Christina’s Cottage.

Merging together my professional singing career, experience in producing, and almost 20 years nurturing adults, and taking these skills and helping young kids and their families is a dream come true!

I look forward to seeing how Christina’s Cottage evolves and grows. I hope you and the young kids in your life, enjoy each episode and song as much as we enjoy creating them!

-Christina Connors

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Young children need help from safe, supportive adults when it comes to regulating their emotions and connecting with others. The intention behind Christina’s Cottage is to do just that- to be a nurturing, supportive space for little ones.

– Maggie Moore, MA, LPCC

In a world with so many overstimulating distractions, there has never been a greater need for a safe place where young children can learn and grow. At Christina’s Cottage, children are engaged by original songs that are just as captivating as they are calming. Christina and the Love Bugs are the perfect company for nurturing emotional regulation and gentle life skills with your children.

– Emily Bevelaqua, MMT, MT-BC- Board Certified Music Therapist