“WOW! What a voice! More women like you need to get out and shine their light.” – Marianne Williamson, Author, Spiritual Leader, Activist.

“Christina put me on a journey that I didn’t realize was possible. Her voice and energy lit up the entire room. She shifted my view on love and life in one single moment. She is truly magic!” – Samantha Seigerman, Marketing Coordinator, Open Center NYC.

(l-r) David Friedman, Marianne Williamson, Christopher Hudson Myers, Kenneth Gartman


DREAM BIGGER….. Your Dreams Can Still Come True:

Nurture your mind and heart with songs from Christina Connor’s album “Dream Bigger”, The Music of David Friedman.  Christina’s voice soars as she shares her story on how she overcame adversity and was still able to create a life she loves. DREAM BIGGER reminds us all that with a little optimism, we can get through anything.



Christina’s keynote concerts are informative and entertaining weaving inspiring songs throughout each talk.  Tailored for each audience, her timeless message and nurturing presence assists her audiences in building inner resilience, and reuniting them with their joy and purpose in an ever-changing world. Her presentations are geared toward Conferences, Retreats and Corporate Wellness Programs.

Mindfulness for Well-Being:
Drawing from her 15 years of experience in the healing arts as a licensed massage therapist, Christina shares with her audience the importance of daily brain hygiene practices for well-being and optimal productivity.  Mindfulness practices are not a luxury but a necessity in these fast paced, rapidly changing times.  Christina teaches simple, daily mindfulness techniques, explains the science behind mindfulness, and finally, takes her audience on a peaceful, musical meditative journey leaving everyone feeling nurtured, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Dreaming Big in a Rapidly Changing World:
The process of creating her album, “Dream Bigger,” showed Christina a new way to dream. The ability to dream deeper and bigger, with a little help from the universe, is a transformative experience that she is excited to share. On this unique musical journey, Christina helps participants unlock hidden potential and find their unique purpose in our rapidly changing world.  Christina takes her audiences on soulful journeys to places of the heart. She helps participants dream big, find their purpose and respond to a changing world with grace and ease.


Featured Article in popular magazine, Natural Awakenings, in NYC, November 2019.

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