A New Soul Song Production


In today’s world, we can’t turn on the TV without watching yet another tragedy with lives lost or families being torn apart. Natural disasters are becoming the norm, and violence in our school systems are at an all-time high.
”A New Soul Song Productions LLC” is a musical production company who’s aim is to use music as a canvas for children to openly share from their hearts and express their feelings, personal insights and wisdom. Through talking with children and creating music together with them, we can learn from each other how to live more heart centered and in turn, learn to create a more heart centered world. With our musical products, our goal is to heal, uplift and help create peace in the world for our children and our children’s children.
Producer/Singer Christina Connors interviews children on issues currently affecting our world. A song will be created with a music video sharing what we learned together. The children are encouraged to express from their hearts how they feel about certain issues facing us all every day, and what we can do about it to make things better. Each song can be downloaded on I tunes and eventually the songs will be made into a compilation CD. This CD will be created and sold and a portion of the proceeds will go to children’s charities.


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