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Kids Corner 2019-01-12T21:56:04-05:00

I was so honored when my dear friend Disney/Broadway Composer David Friedman asked me to play the voice of the mother in a new children’s series. It is a program that is so needed right now in our world. It is a story about a boy who uses meditation, yoga and martial art techniques to manage everyday situations. He then goes and teaches his friends! Check it out then SUBSCRIBE to the You Tube Channel!

My dear friend Terry Murphy and I spent YEARS developing The Soulful Forest. Terry wanted to write about it and I wanted to sing songs about it! We dreamed of a place for kids to go.. a magical place where they can feel safe, loved and seen for who they are. A place where they can learn tools to help them stay connected to their soul and explore with friends of all races and cultures how they can live together in harmony and build a better tomorrow. Who better to inspire us all than the children! Especially in these challenging times…

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