Personal Soul Song Sessions

Using Numerology, Music and Meditation for Overcoming Challenges and Aligning Confidently With Your Most Authentic Expression

Do you feel like you are playing the supporting role in someone else’s life’s dream? Are you facing a major life transition and need some clarity as to what’s next for you? Are you ready to hop into the driver’s seat of your own life’s dream? If so, a Soul Session is for YOU!

In your Personal Soul Song Session, Christina will help you:

  • Discover your personal strengths and talents
  • Learn why you made certain decisions in your past and how to make new decisions more in alignment with your heart’s desire
  • Navigate your life’s journey with wisdom and clarity
  • Align with your Soul Purpose and live a life you love

Personal Soul Song Session: $150.00

  • Christina will calculate your Core Numbers, Cycles and Challenges and work with you in understanding how you can use the information from your personal numbers to better understand yourself and your challenges.
  • You will receive a musical guided meditation created by Christina for your personal Life Path Number.

Personal Soul Song Session Premium: $250.00

  • Christina will calculate your Core Numbers, Cycles and Challenges and work with you in understanding how you can use the information from your personal numbers to better understand yourself and your challenges.
  • Christina will calculate the Core Numbers for 2 other members of your family or loved ones.
  • Christina will create your Personal Soul Song Meditation based upon your Core Numbers, aligning you with your highest potential.
To book your SOUL SONG SESSION, contact Christina at or call (954) 270-9389

Drawing from her over 17 years of experience working privately with clients in the healing arts, and years of studying the healing science of Numerology, Christina can help you rediscover and remember your unique Soul Song. Your Soul Song is the blueprint you chose to experience for this lifetime. When you know who you truly are, what your strengths and challenges are, then you can navigate your life with clarity and wisdom and start living the life you love with purpose and passion.

Intro To Numerology Workshop: $40.00

(Offered the last Sunday of every month 12:00pm-2:00pm EST)
To register, Email Christina at

Numerology will free you from the bonds of your past, and help you take an active role in determining your future. It answers the questions: What am I here to achieve? What will make me happy? What are my natural gifts?

In this 2 hour Intro To Numerology Workshop, you will:

  • Learn The history of Numerology
  • Learn about the 9 numbers and their unique qualities as well as the three master numbers
  • Learn how to calculate your 7 Core Numbers and read and understand your chart
  • Learn to calculate your Karmic Lesson Number (If you have one)
  • Learn how to calculate your Personal Year Cycle for 2020


I cannot imagine a better person to go through this journey with than Christina. Being an extremely private person, I had my apprehensions. It all sounded mystical and silly, but what I discovered was quite different. It was incredibly enlightening and working with Christina is a treasure. She is soft and joyful-at times I think she sparkles. She is smart and has a comprehensive knowledge of Numerology that made it so natural and fun!

– Kimberly F.

Christina Connors is a bright beautiful light in this world. Through her understanding of numerology, she has helped me recognize unique insights to my life’s path and purpose and she has helped validate what I know deep in my heart to be true. I also love the work she does with cycles of time as it is an important reminder that all things ebb and flow and for all things there is a divine time. Christina is patient and kind, wise and knowledgeable, and a true visionary in her life who lives by example. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Anne W.

I am a lucky recipient of Christina’s expert knowledge of numerology. It was such an enlightening experience to listen to Christina articulate the many characteristics that make up my person in this lifetime. I found myself appreciating my individual gifts while at the same time acknowledging challenges that come with my unique set of numbers. It all rings true for me, and importantly, helps me make sense of my life experience. I am no longer at odds with myself; rather, I love and appreciate the gifts I have brought into the world that make me who I am. Christina is compassionate and wise, gentle and encouraging as she guides her clients into a deeper understanding of self.

– Peggy S.

There is an incredible depth of knowledge and personal understanding that can be acquired through Numerology. In my experience it revealed insights into who I am and the baseline circumstances I need to be in to be the best version of myself. It also shed light into the reasons why my partner and I have been struggling. This is all without judgement because “It’s all in the numbers.” I look forward to going deeper into the other aspects of my numbers. I highly recommend working with Christina.

– Kim F.