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April 11, 2011 Review by Sue Matsuki

HEAR OUR SONG – Friday, April 8th – NORWALK CITY HALL, CONCERT HALL (125 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT – 203-866-7004) – I was so exhausted on my drive back from teaching up in Waterbury, CT, I decided to stop over in Norwalk to catch the benefit show my friends David Friedman and the Rev. Shawn Moninger were producing, featuring the members of their church, the Unity Center for Practical Spirituality (http://www.unitycenterps.org/ ). The show was directed by Scott Coulter, hosted by Scott with the FANTASTIC co-producer and singer Christina Connors. (What a VOICE! Not since Nancy LaMott has anyone sung David’s “Listen to my Heart” like this beautiful woman! She got a standing ovation and she deserved it. I wept at her sound and heart when singing.) This was a fast moving 2+ hour show with incredible talent sharing their love and yes, UNITY as a group, offering us their gifts for the benefit of others. THIS is what “church” should be about!

Starring (and they were ALL stars tonight): the gorgeous Lucie Arnaz (even in the bunion boot Lucy!); Dr. Garrett Bennett (or as I like to call him, Dr. Handsome); his lovely bride and my dear friend Raissa Katona Bennett; the aforementioned goddess Christina Connors & co-host Scott Coulter who, with musical director Kenneth (what a talent) Gartman provided some of the most beautiful duets of the evening; the man himself, David Friedman; our own sweet Bobbie Horowitz; the DIVA-INE Lina Koutrakos; the cool and hep Rosemary Loar; Mr. Laurence Luckinbill with a spellbinding performance as Clarence Darrow; the funny and sweet Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes; the handsome Don Martocchio, the tall and jazzy Valeria Roncoli and my new best friend (although she doesn’t know it yet_, Nancy Timpanaro-Hogan and her adorable husband Dr. Wayne Timpanaro-Hogan. WHAT A SHOW! WHAT A CAST!

We all know and love Shawn Moninger from several years back as the sound/lighting tech at Don’t Tell Mama, but the Rev. Moninger is a lovely force of positive energy and love that oozes out of his pores. As a person who knew him back then, I was moved by his “light” and passion and, as with all the people that we care about, it was nice to see him SO happy. He told us that we were all good exactly as we are and this left everyone with a sense of well being not only from the fantastic show but from this wonderful show of UNITY! (Pun intended!)